Dimitrios Pappas - Lawyer - tel: 697 6580918  

Graduate of Law Department of Democritus University of Thrace. Completing the intership in the Law Firm "Pantelis Vamvakas & Partners”, he  joined the Bar of Attorneys of Agrinio in 2007 and from then he has actively engaged in the occupation of Lawyer. He speaks excellent English and very good German. 

He specialized in criminal and Civil Law (Family Law-Property Law) and Securities Law, matters on which is constantly updated by participating in numerous legal seminars and conferences. He has  particular expertise in matters of enforcement, real estate auctions as well as legal issues orders from debtors for payment. 

He has participated in study abroad programs in the field of sociology of law and industrial relations.

Sia Vagena - Trainee Solicitor

Graduate of the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace. Since the year 2014 was registered as a trainee lawyer in the Bar Association of Agrinio and makes the exercise of the law firm Pantelis cotton and Associates . Excellent knowledge and use of English and German language . During her studies she successfully attended scientific seminars on specific legal issues of criminal law and particularly in the area of Investigation and Criminology . Moreover , he attended lectures on: << Family Law and Domestic Violence >> << Criminal Law and serial crime >> << The strength of the Lisbon Treaty >> ​​. Candidate for postgraduate studies in the field of Family Law and Human Rights.

Konstantina Papageorgiou
Secretarial Services -

Graduated in ATEI MESSOLONGIOU, Management School and Economics Department of Accounting. WORKSHOP: "The changes in Greek tax system with recent laws 3842/2010 and 3943/2011." Conference: "Europe and Greece after the crisis." WORKSHOP: "The contribution of the TEI Messolonghi in ergasiaki- job placement of students." WORKSHOP: "Strengthening the human resources of SMEs in extroversion issues". WORKSHOP: Developing Social Cooperative entrepreneurship. WORKSHOP: Networking locally. Degree ECDL (Concepts of it, Using the Computer and Managing Files, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentations, Information and Communication). Knowledge of other programs: Academia Financials, Revenue - Expenses Chapter, Eurofasma.

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